Glasgow stand up to Israeli genocide and Zionism! Sanctions now! 16 March

Glasgow FRFI march in solidarity with Palestine, March 2024

On 16 March, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! (FRFI) supporters and other anti-Zionist activists held a protest at the Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) campaign’s annual march in Glasgow for a fifth year (2018, 2019 [cancelled due to Covid-19 in 2020 and 2021], 2022, 2023, 2024). These protests have been in response to SUTR’s refusal to exclude the Confederation of Friends of Israel Scotland (COFIS) and its member organisation Glasgow Friends of Israel (GFI) from participating in the SUTR march, which they have joined since 2017.


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‘20,000 Bloody Sundays in Gaza!’

Bloody Sunday March, 2024. (photo: Mickey Rooney)

On the weekend of 27-28 January 2024 supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! attended the annual Bloody Sunday March and events marking the 52nd anniversary of the murder of 14 Irish citizens by the Parachute Regiment on the streets of Derry in the British Occupied Six Counties of Ireland. Geraldine Doherty, niece of Gerald Donaghey who was shot dead aged 17 on 30 January 1972 on Bloody Sunday, gave a grim acknowledgment of the ongoing slaughter: ‘20,000 Bloody Sundays in Gaza!’.


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Glasgow FRFI supporters violently arrested at Scottish Labour Party/Starmer protest

Update 8/12/23 : the Glasgow FRFI supporters have now been released from police custody. We will communicate further about next steps and a defence campaign once the charges have been confirmed. 

Two supporters of Glasgow Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! were violently arrested earlier this evening, Thursday 7 December, at a protest outside the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow’s city centre where a Scottish Labour Party Winter Gala was taking place. Labour leader Keir Starmer travelled up from London to join the event. In the tradition of many Labour leaders, Starmer has shown his pro-Zionist credentials by ardently defending Israel’s right to commit genocide in Gaza. He was confronted about his failure to call for an Israeli ceasefire on the train journey by a passenger before being confronted by a large group of protestors at the station when he disembarked in Glasgow.


Meanwhile, around a hundred people gathered outside the Crowne Plaza hotel, protesting at the Labour Party’s failure to condemn Israel’s brutal war on the Palestinian people. Police pulled the FRFI supporters from the crowd and violently restrained them on the ground, searching their possessions before dragging them off to Govan police station. Many of the protestors filmed the arrests, while demanding their release, and we appeal to them to contact us with their evidence. A solicitor has been in touch with one of the arrestees. Comrades who went to the police station have been told that they will be held overnight.

Defend the right to defend Palestine. Ring Govan police station and demand the release of the two activists arrested at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

? Call Police Scotland on: 0141 308 1070, select Glasgow, select custody inquiry, select Govan. If you get through, please let us know via our email: ✉️ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Glasgow protests against Israel’s brutal war on Gaza

Protests are erupting around the world against Israel’s genocidal bombing, invasion and siege of Gaza which intensifies daily. In cities throughout Scotland, tens of thousands have joined protests, mainly coordinated by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and several religious and community organisations. FRFI supporters have been active in Glasgow and Dundee.

Palestine Pic 2


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Zionism is Racism coalition raises its voice for Palestine, 18 March 2023

On 18 March, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! (FRFI / RCG) joined the lively and well supported Zionism is Racism (ZIR) coalition protest in George Square, Glasgow, to once again oppose Zionist participation in the annual march of the ‘Stand Up To Racism’ (SUTR) campaign. The SUTR march marks the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination to remember the 21 March 1960 Sharpeville massacre in Apartheid South Africa. This is the fifth year that the Confederation of Friends of Israel Scotland (COFIS) and Glasgow Friends of Israel have been allowed to march by SUTR and its Socialist Workers Party (SWP) organisers. FRFI, a founding member of ZIR, have actively boycotted and protested online and on the streets every year since this became an issue (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023).

Police line separating ZIR from SUTR

The ZIR coalition committed to ensuring a popular protest went ahead this year bringing together activists from Glasgow Palestine Human Rights Campaign (GPHRC), Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!, Unite The Community Tayside, International Solidarity Movement Scotland and several other unaffiliated activists. West Dunbartonshire Supports the People of Palestine and the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network also expressed their support for the protest.

SWP shepherd Zionists

The ZIR protest was also joined by a contingent of Young Communist League (YCL) activists, and many other anti-racists from across Scotland including two Palestinian women who took up the open mic to encourage us all to keep protesting. A contingent from the Fire Brigades Union joined ZIR’s counter protest. An FBU speaker later highlighted from the SUTR platform the racism facing the people of Palestine. However, while statements of solidarity for Palestine were heard from the SUTR platform no opposition to the accommodation of Zionists on the SUTR march was expressed. To anti-Zionists in the square, the silence was deafening! As in previous years the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC), and its affiliate organisations, boycotted the SUTR march but did not support or join ZIR’s counter protest.


Many SUTR marchers were unaware of and shocked to hear about Friends of Israel participation, some of them even left the march to join the ZIR counter protest. The Zionists themselves were shepherded by a line of SUTR / SWP stewards, in what was apparently the point of separation between the ‘official’ and the ‘unofficial’ march. SUTR / SWP refuse to exclude and confront the Zionists to avoid conflict within the Labour left who head the SUTR campaign nationally. Capitulation to Zionism – dressed up in terms of ‘opposing antisemitism’ – is a measure of SUTR / SWPs determination to see a Labour government returned to power; ‘Tories Out’ is their tired old chant whilst solidarity with the Palestinian liberation struggle is side lined, harassed and betrayed.

A leading SUTR / SWP steward and organiser assaulted a ZIR supporter twice, barging her deliberately and later grabbing and throwing her phone, whilst she filmed. Anti – Zionists were accused of being ‘police spies’ and ‘splitters’, while SUTR / SWP speakers were placed at either side of the ZIR protest blaring out music and a drumming band (SheBoom) played over our open mic. Despite all this our chants of ‘Your march is covered in Palestinian Blood’, ‘Zionism - is Racism!’ could not be ignored. The ZIR protest took inspiration from the growing resistance in Palestine despite the Zionist state and settler violence being unleashed on the people in the occupied West Bank.

Footage of the ZIR protest was captured by a Thought Crime reporter

FRFI supporters in ZIR will now be working to build from this successful protest to ensure anti-Zionist voices are heard louder and clearer, until Palestine is Free!

ZIR Banner

Join FRFI to picket of one of Britain’s biggest high street supporters of Israel:

Saturday 1 April, 1-3pm
Marks & Spencer
2-12 Argyle St
Glasgow G2 8AA


Shut down Dungavel prison! Scotland FRFI protest report, 17 July 2022

Scotland Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! supporters joined the ‘Stop The Rwanda Flights’ protest on Sunday 17 July outside ‘Dungavel House IRC’ (immigration removal centre), organised by Global Justice Now as part of actions across Britain. Protestors rightly called Dungavel out for what it is, A RACIST PRISON, enclosed by barbed wire, high steel walls, drones and located in an isolated spot of countryside, near Strathhaven, away from public eyes and scrutiny. British multinational Mitie, the largest private detention services provider in Britain, were awarded the Home office contract to ‘manage’ Dungavel prison in September 2021, taking over from US multinational Geo Group (see more here). Human misery is big money!


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‘Stand Up To Racism’/SWP march with Zionist racists for a fourth year

On Saturday 19 March 2022, the ‘Stand Up To Racism’ (SUTR) campaign, whose leadership is dominated by the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), allowed Glasgow Friends of Israel (GFI) and the Confederation of Friends of Israel Scotland (COFIS) to join their annual march in Glasgow for a fourth year (2017, 2018, 2019, 2022). SUTR marches in both 2020 and 2021 were cancelled due to the pandemic, but Friends of Israel did attend a preparatory SUTR conference in 2020. Find reports and footage from previous years here, here and here. SUTR’s annual march in Glasgow is supported by the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) and numerous other opportunists drawn from the Labour and SNP supporting ‘left’.


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Glasgow Stands Against Dawn-Raids

Supporters of Glasgow and Edinburgh Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG) joined over 100 protesters in George Square in Glasgow’s city centre on 1 May to stand in solidarity with asylum seekers and against dawn-raids. The demonstration was called by Glasgow Campaign to Welcome Refugees, Stand Up To Racism (SWP), Maryhill Integration Network and the Unity Centre. RCG supporters brought chalk to cover the square with anti-racist slogans and brought banners and placards to support the demonstration.


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Free the Craigavon Two! Report of Glasgow protest 26 April

With the easing of strict COVID regulations in Scotland, campaigners for the Craigavon Two were out at the very first opportunity to publicly raise the case of the unjust imprisonment of these two Irishmen. Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! supporters from Glasgow and Dundee joined with the campaigners as the Justice For the Craigavon Two banner was raised at the top of Glasgow’s busy Buchanan Street and leaflets handed out which detailed the shoddy evidence used by a British court in the Occupied North of Ireland to frame these innocent men. Having spent three years on remand after their arrest for the killing of a Police Service of Northern Ireland constable in 2009, Brendan McConville and John Paul Wooton were eventually sentenced to 25 years and 18 years respectively.


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SPSC: Policing solidarity with Palestine

The urgent need to build solidarity with the Palestinian people against the Zionist occupation and its imperialist backers is clear. Why is it then that some within the Palestine solidarity movement in Britain consistently choose division over unity, self interest over common interest and censorship over democracy?

On 8 October, RCG supporters alongside a range of other supporters of Palestine protested outside the Scotland vs Israel match at Hampden Park. Our public report of the protest here called out the sectarianism of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) and its leader Mick Napier, and their censorship of solidarity with political prisoners Dr Issam Hijjawi and the Saoradh 9. Saoradh’s report of the protest here also highlighted this censorship.


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Protesters raise their voice for Palestine and democratic unity outside Scotland vs Israel game

On 8 October, Revolutionary Communist Group supporters joined hundreds of demonstrators protesting in solidarity with Palestine outside the Scotland vs Israel UEFA Euro Qualifier football match at Hampden Park in Glasgow. This was the second time in just over a month that the RCG, alongside a range of other anti-imperialist and anti-racist organisations and activists, took to Hampden to protest against the Israeli football team’s presence in our national stadium and the hypocrisy of these representatives of Zionism taking the knee before the match. See our 4 September protest report here

In the days and hours leading up to the protest a concerted effort was made by the billionaire owned media and gutter press (such as The Scottish Sun, Daily Record, The Herald) to intimidate and criminalise the right to protest for Palestine. Instead of reporting on the reasons why hundreds of people were preparing to protest outside Hampden they chose to focus on attacking Irish republican solidarity organisations in Scotland and the RCG in a bid to stir up public, police and loyalist opposition to the protest.


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Free Issam Hijjawi and the Saoradh 9! Victory to the hunger strikers!

glasgow frfi

On 19 September, Revolutionary Communist Group / Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! supporters in Glasgow joined a demonstration at Barrowland Park in support of the hunger strike for dignity by over 50 anti-imperialist political prisoners across Ireland. We joined with activists from Friends of IRPWA – Scotland, Saoradh Scotland, Lasair Dhearg Scotland, The Working Class and individual republicans. We also heard messages of solidarity from Anti – Imperialist Action Ireland.

The hunger strike began on 16 September in Maghaberry gaol, in the British occupied north of Ireland, in response to screws continued mistreatment of Palestinian anti-imperialist Dr Issam Hijjawi who is currently interned on remand with nine Saoradh activists and being held in forced isolation. Issam’s hunger strike was subsequently joined by over 50 Irish republican political prisoners in Maghaberry, Portlaoise and Hydebank gaols in solidarity.

RCG supporters will join with Irish solidarity groups again this Saturday 26 September to picket the Ministry of Defence in Glasgow as part of a Samidoun Palestinian Political Prisoner Network callout for pickets of British embassies around the world. Read the international solidarity statement with Saoradh here

Join us!

Glasgow Picket: Free Issam Hijjawi and the Saoradh 9! Victory to the hunger strikers!

Saturday 26 September, 2pm

Ministry of Defence / ‘Kentigern House’

Brown Street / Argyle Street, G2 8EX

Facebook event with details here

Free Palestine!

British imperialism out of Ireland!


Protest at Hampden Park for Palestine - Zionism is racism!

On 4 September, Glasgow Revolutionary Communist Group (RCG) activists joined over a hundred supporters of Palestine who protested outside the Scottish national football stadium Hampden Park in Glasgow against the Scotland vs Israel nations league match. We were clear: Zionism is racism.

The match was being played only days after a three-week Israeli bombing assault campaign on Gaza came to an end, and as Gazans mobilise their scarce resources against new and rising COVID 19 infections, efforts which are severely hampered by the crippling siege imposed by Israel since 2007.

bwd  Set 1/2  fwd


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Glasgow: protest against racist evictions attacked by Loyalists

No evictions protest Glasgow June 2020

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! supporters in Glasgow joined a protest of around 200 anti-racists in George Square called by No Evictions campaign on Wednesday 17 June in support of asylum seekers in the city who are demanding an end to their ‘lockdown’ detention in hotels under appalling conditions and at the behest of the Home Office and the contractor Mears. Their £35 per week asylum support has been stopped and the facilities prohibit social distancing and proper hygiene. One of those asylum seekers, a 30-year-old Syrian man, was found dead in the hotel he was moved into on Tuesday 5 May. See videos on our Facebook page here:


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Black Lives Matter, Glasgow protest, 7 June 2020

Justice for Sheku Bayoh!

Activists from Glasgow Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! joined thousands of young people, many of them black and working-class, who gathered in Glasgow Green on Sunday 7 June, in defiance of the Scottish government and Police Scotland, to stand in solidarity with the uprising in the US following the murder of George Floyd and to fight against state racism in Scotland.

bwd  Set 1/2  fwd

The protest coincided with the 5th anniversary of Sheku Bayoh’s funeral and many of the home-made placards present demanded justice for Sheku, a black man who was killed by nine police officers in Kirkaldy, Fife (Scotland) on 3 May 2015. The officers attacked Sheku with CS spray, pepper spray, batons, leg restraints and handcuffs. Like George Floyd, Sheku could not breathe as the police piled on top of him. One of those officers was 6 foot 4 inches weighing 25 stone - almost twice Sheku’s weight. Following his murder, the police abused and intimidated his family and circulated lies and falsehoods to the press. There was stone-cold silence from the Scottish SNP Government (see letters in FRFI at the time here and here) and a cover up from their so called independent investigatory body PIRC.


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‘Stand Up To Racism’ and the SWP to march with Zionist racists for a fourth year in Glasgow

ZIR coalition supporters excluded from the SUTR conference on 22 February

As news spreads of the latest outrage committed by the racist colonial-settler state of Israel, occupation soldiers killing a Palestinian man and subsequently dragging his dead body with a bulldozer (see footage here), the campaign ‘Stand Up To Racism’, whose leadership unites the Labour Party left with the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), is preparing for a fourth year in a row to allow the Zionist organisation the Confederation of Friends of Israel – Scotland (CoFIS) to take part in their annual march through Glasgow. This comes despite the widespread calls and protests for their exclusion by progressives, religious communities, humanitarians, anti-racists and anti-imperialists. Last year organisations including the Muslim Council of Scotland withdrew their support for the march.


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Glasgow FRFI statement: In defence of Irish unity

friends of the irpwa scotland

On 30 August a council approved Irish Unity march in Govan, Glasgow organised by the James Connolly Republican Flute Band was attacked by hundreds of loyalists. Peaceful marchers were kettled by police. Loyalists clashed with police, set up road blocks and made repeated attempts to get at the marchers.

The council and media responded by placing blame on both sides and promising to ‘review’ future marches under the mask of combating sectarianism. In doing so they agreed with the loyalist rioters that a peaceful march in solidarity with Irish unity was itself a provocation.


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Resist all racist evictions in Glasgow! SERCO/MEARS out!

In Glasgow around 330 ‘failed’ asylum seekers are once again facing eviction and street homelessness at the hands of the Home Office housing contractor SERCO backed up by Scottish courts and police. Glasgow Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! joined and supported mobilisations and protests against the ‘SERCO evictions’ when they were first announced last July (see here) and is supporting the ongoing protests and mobilisations.

In April the Court Of Session, which is Scotland’s supreme civil court, ruled in favour of SERCO, COMPASS (former sub-contractor for SERCO known as Orchard & Shipman (Glasgow) Ltd)’ and the Home office against two women, one Kurdish Iranian and one Kurdish Iraqi, who have been threatened by these ‘lock change’ evictions (Rashidi and Ali v Serco Limited, Compass SNI Ltd, and the Secretary of State for the Home Department). The court ruling, concluded by Lord Tyre, argued that these lock change evictions did not breach human rights and that they could go ahead without court orders as ‘failed’ asylum seekers would be able to appeal against these evictions to the First Tier Immigration Tribunal. This is the conclusion of a racist court defending a racist immigration system which is designed to force out those who are not welcome inside imperialist Britain.


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Bullies protest against bullies – shame on Glasgow SWP / SUTR!

SWP matt kerr

On Tuesday 4 June the SWP led Stand Up To Racism campaign in Glasgow held a protest on Buchanan Street steps against US President Trump’s visit to the UK.

Disgracefully one of the speakers given a platform by the SWP / SUTR was Labour councillor for Cardonald Matt Kerr who spoke as a ‘Communication Workers Union’ representative. This is the same Matt Kerr who in 2011 supported, oversaw and defended the closure of the popular Accord day care centre in Dalmarnock, as Glasgow City Council's executive member for social care. When an FRFI supporter heckled Kerr last night about his role in the closure of the Accord centre he was told to be quiet by police and was very aggressively approached by one of Kerr’s supporters (artist Sharon Thomas pictured above left) who was eventually led away by police.

save the accord

The Accord centre provided specialist support and care for more than 120 adults with severe learning difficulties and was eventually closed and demolished in order to build a car park for the 2014 Commonwealth Games. The Labour councils promise to replace the centre was reneged on and service users were relocated to cramped and unsuitable rooms in the Bambury community centre. Kerr publicly defended this decision in the Evening Times (see here) and was reported by carers, protesting to save the centre, to have been aggressive and confrontational towards them. From a Glasgow Games Monitor article at the time which quoted Accord carers after a meeting with the council;

“Some carers attended the Working party, day service reform for LD meeting in Glasgow City Chambers. Cllr Phil Greene and Cllr Margo resigned from the committee. At the end of the meeting Cllr Matt Kerr became aggressive and confrontational towards a young carer regarding the Accord Centre. He screamed: ‘YOUR NOT GETTING A CENTRE.”

“Cllr Matt Kerr was bang out of order today with the way he treated carers and continues to treat carers and for today to stand and shout and point in the face of a carer who knows more about the situation than he did was a disgrace.” (See full article here).

It is a disgrace that the SWP, which formally supported the Save the Accord campaign, is prepared to forgive and forget the history of such individuals in order to maintain their alliance with the anti-working class, racist, imperialist Labour Party. The Save the Accord campaign, led by carers and service users, fought a brave and inspiring campaign to save the centre and we will not forget them or those suffering the consequences of the Accord’s closure today. See one of FRFI’s 2011 reports of the campaign here.

Written by Glasgow FRFI

Matt Kerr SWP


ZIR Coalition protest as Stand Up to Racism / Socialist Workers Party defends Friends of Israel, Glasgow

The Palestine solidarity movement took a great step forward by organising a loud, militant and sustained challenge to Stand Up To Racism’s (SUTR) demonstration on Saturday 16 March in Glasgow. The Zionism is Racism (ZIR) coalition continually barracked and drowned out SUTR’s speakers. Chants in support of Palestine and against the SUTR’s open capitulation to Zionism echoed through George Square and Glasgow City Centre.


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SWP Scotland marching with racists for a third year!

Zionism is racism

On the 10 February ‘SWP Scotland’ issued a statement on their Facebook page, titled ‘Building the anti-racist movement in Scotland’. The statement is an attempt to address the concerns of those who cannot square the Socialist Workers Party’s formal support for Palestine with their practical capitulation to Zionism in Glasgow. Last year grassroots forces, including the RCG united to prevent the Zionists taking part in the SUTR march, despite the hostility of Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) and the police presence. See our report here and footage here.


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Rolling Picket in Glasgow stands with Palestine

bwd  Set 1/5  fwd

On Saturday 18th August Glasgow FRFI / RCG supporters held a successful rolling picket of British banks and companies in Glasgow city centre which are complicit in Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people.  The rolling picket finished with another lively counter protest against the weekly Glasgow Friends of Israel stall on Buchanan Street. The picket was supported by individual supporters of Palestine.

Starting at Marks & Spencer, a key British trader with Israel which has always promoted support for Zionism, the picket then moved to Barclays and HSBC banks to expose their investments in arms companies profiting from the occupation and oppression of Palestine.


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Defend Asylum seekers rights to housing in Glasgow! Evict SERCO!

The private multinational provider of public services SERCO has announced plans to evict up to three hundred ‘failed’ asylum seekers in Glasgow from the week beginning 30 July. They are currently contracted by the Home Office to provide housing for around 5,000 asylum seekers in Glasgow. SERCO’s eviction plans were announced to a range of charities on Friday 27 July and publicly exposed on 30 July prompting two subsequent days of protest attended by hundreds of people outraged at the issuing of these ‘lock change’ notices. The RCG supported both the protests on Buchanan Street on 31 July, called by an individual Facebook user, and provided chants and a megaphone for the protests, called by Living Rent and the Unity Centre, the following day outside the SERCO Building and the Home Office’s Border and immigration centre on Brand Street. So far around six lock change notices are known to have been issued.


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Glasgow RCG stand against SWP sectarianism

RCG comrades stand up to SWP sectarianism

The RCG in Scotland took to the streets on Nakba day (15 May) to protest against the brutal Israeli massacre of 62 Palestinians in Gaza. RCG comrades supported a protest called by the Palestine Alliance in Edinburgh, and another by Stop the War campaign (StW) in Glasgow that evening. Despite the widespread anger against Israel, and the clear urgency of taking a strong message in support of Palestine to the streets, at the Glasgow protest comrades were faced with sectarianism, threats and insults from the Socialist Workers Party (SWP) who had previously allowed Zionists from the Confederation of the Friends of Israel Scotland (CoFIS) to march on the Stand Up to Racism (SUTR) march on 17 March (see: SWP defends Zionists).


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Glasgow Stand up to Racism march: the Zionists could not pass!

The Revolutionary Communist Group was proud to stand with others in Glasgow on 17 March to successfully prevent the Zionist Confederation of Friends of Israel Scotland (CoFIS) from participating in the annual Stand Up to Racism (SUTR) march. This was despite the earlier decision of SUTR and the Socialist Workers Party (SWP), which runs the SUTR campaign, to allow these racists to join their annual demonstration (see our report of lobbying SUTR).


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Stand For Ahed Tamimi! Demand SUTR Stand Up To Zionism! Glasgow

dont allow zionists to march

The Revolutionary Communist Group joined the ‘Stand for Ahed Tamimi’ protest organised by Strathclyde Students for Palestine and Glasgow University Palestine Society on 17 February in Glasgow. We stood with people all around the world raising their voices and fists for the four Tamimi family members (which includes 17 year old Ahed, her mother Nariman, and her two cousins Mohammad and Osama) who are currently being held by Israel and facing charges – including assaulting Israeli soldiers - which will lead to long prison sentences unless enough global pressure can be brought to bear on the racist colonial-settler state. The Tamimi family and the village to which they belong Nabi Saleh, in the occupied West Bank, is well known for its defiance and resistance. Through her committed activism and bravery Ahed has come to symbolise a spirit of defiance to injustice which inspires not only those in Palestine but people all around the world.


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John MacLean march 2017: No to censorship! Fight Labour and the SNP!

On 26 November the Revolutionary Communist Group (Glasgow) joined the annual march, organised by the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement (SRSM), to mark the 94th anniversary of the death of revolutionary John MacLean. After graveside orations marchers, led by the Coatbridge United Irishmen Flute band, made their way from Eastwood cemetery to the John MacLean Cairn at the Square at Shawbridge Shopping Centre.

Despite the significance of this year, the centenary of the Russian Revolution, and MacLean’s own appointment as British consul for Bolshevik Russia in 1918, there was to be no talk of revolution on this march at least not if it meant criticising the Scottish National Party (SNP).

Before being given the mic at the end of the march the RCG speaker was asked by SRSM chair Donald Anderson ‘not to slag the SNP’. This craven attempt at censorship, which we caught on camera (see footage below), was unsuccessful as the speaker went on to layout the facts of the SNP’s warmongering and their defence of the racist immigration system in Britain.

Earlier on in the day career opportunist Tommy Sheridan of Solidarity was invited to give a graveside oration about the significance of MacLean and his politics. Before the last General Election Sheridan had openly called for people to vote for the ‘progressive SNP’ in Scotland and Labour in England (Quoted on March for Independence, 3 May 2017). To be clear Sheridan was calling on the working class and poor to vote for parties cutting living standards, enforcing racist immigration controls and waging war on working class and oppressed peoples across the world.

This support for the SNP and Labour is the very opposite of what MacLean stood for and he would be turning in his grave if he knew this crap was being sold in his name. Just as MacLean fought and exposed the opportunism of the socialist and labour movements of his day now the task falls to us. Long live MacLean! Long live his revolution!

Dominic Mulgrew


Glasgow action in solidarity with socialist Cuba – Boycott Bacardi!

boycott bacardi3

To chants of ‘Boycott Bacardi – boycott terrorism!’ supporters of the RCG and the Rock Around The Blockade campaign picketed the Revolucion de Cuba bar in Glasgow city centre on 27 January 2017. Under a Cuban flag the bar was hosting a night with the enemies of the Cuban revolution;

“To celebrate our very last Friday of January we are teaming up with Bacardi to throw the BIGGEST fiesta Glasgow has ever seen!” Fiesta Tropicana ft. Mr Wilson's Second Liners

Since 1960, Bacardi has backed illegal and violent attacks against the Cuban Revolution, including funding the Cuban-American National Foundation, a right-wing Miami-based exile organisation involved in terrorism against Cuba. During this time, more  than 3,400  Cubans have been  killed by terrorism and sabotage.  Many of these actions funded by  this  corporation.

Supporters of the Cuban Revolution leafleted those going into the bar and stuck placards and flags against the window for all those inside the bar to see. As curious customers of the bar exited to find out what was happening bar management followed. Attempts to bribe the protest with paella and drinks failed and in response to questions and calls for the bar to end their involvement with Bacardi, management claimed they were just a ‘chain’ and threatened to phone police.

We are calling on all supporters of the Cuban Revolution to keep the pressure up by contacting the bar to tell them to end their promotion and sale of Bacardi. We hope to build our own ‘chain’ (of protest!) against Revolucion de Cuba bars across Britain who promote and sell Bacardi so contact us if you are taking action locally. They have bars in Aberdeen, Cardiff, Derby, Glasgow, Harrogate, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Norwich, Nottingham, Reading, Sheffield.

For facts about the history of Bacardi see.

Bocott Bacardi

PDF LeafltePDF Leaflte

Contact the Glasgow Bar
Revolucion de Cuba Glasgow bar
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0141 404 0410
or 0800 6300 860
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Facebook us on ‘Glasgow FRFI’ or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Long live socialist Cuba

Think before you drink - Boycott Bacardi!

boycott bacardi1

boycott bacardi2


How to deal with police harassment - Glasgow Defence Campaign

Victory to the Intifada! Rally in support of Palestinian hunger-strikers