A vote for Labour is a vote for genocide!

A vote for Labour is:

  • A vote for racism and imperialism. It is a vote of confidence in NATO and its proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, for Trident renewal, and a vote to increase expenditure on war preparations to 2.5% of GDP. It is a vote for militarising the campaign against asylum seekers – ‘illegal migrants’ according to Labour.
  • A vote to continue attacking the working class. It is a vote to force further destitution on working class families through the two-child benefit limit.
  • A vote for genocide. It is a vote to support the continued Zionist onslaught on the people of Palestine.

Yet none of this stops wide sections of the left from endorsing a vote for Labour. The mantra ‘kick out the Tories’ is a dog whistle for a Labour vote, since the Tories can only be ‘kicked out’ of government by a Labour general election victory. It is a call to replace one virulently racist, imperialist, anti-working class government by another. But it enables left organisations like the SWP, Socialist Party, Socialist Alternative, Revolutionary Communist Party to name but four, to maintain their support for Labour while pretending they oppose it.

Meanwhile, the many organisations created by disillusioned Labour supporters – Transform Politics, No Ceasefire - No Vote, Collective, TUSC, Muslim Vote, We Deserve Better, Reliance Party, the Rise Movement, etc etc – are endorsing left Labour candidates like Zarah Sultana, even when such people brazenly place their parliamentary careers before any political principles. They are standing ‘independent’ candidates ostensibly to challenge Labour’s support for the Zionist onslaught – but they have no intention of threatening a Labour victory and are targeting constituencies with a solid Labour majority and a right-wing Labour candidate.

The most cowardly representative of this trend is Jeremy Corbyn whose election leaflet consists of pious and empty sentiments which includes not a word on Palestine or a single criticism of Labour Party policy. It is reactionary through and through, yet virtually the whole of the opportunist left is supporting him. When Labour purged left Labour MPs Faiza Shaheen and Lloyd Russell-Moyle following the announcement of the general election, the left was outraged – but not at the determination of these two careerists to represent a racist and genocidal party. It was a similar story with the attempted defenestration of Diane Abbott. Like every other Labour candidate, she has no principles which prevent her standing on its racist and profoundly anti-working class manifesto.

Don’t vote, organise

The pursuit of an electoral form of opposition fosters the delusions that working class interests can be advanced by a class of professional parliamentarians. Electoral campaigns – which always revolve around one individual whether that is Jeremy Corbyn, George Galloway or Andrew Feinstein – divert political attention, energy and resources away from building collective movements on the streets and in working class communities. A vote for Corbyn is a vote for nostalgia and nothing more, a vote for Galloway is a vote for a sexist, homophobic and transphobic charlatan, a vote for Feinstein is a vote for personal ambition. Such votes do not take the movement forward one iota. Nor does a vote for the many other opportunists: their electoral campaigns distract from the need to build what they have constantly undermined – an anti-imperialist opposition to the British state, one which stands openly with the Palestinian resistance.

FRFI welcomes last November’s spontaneous protests against Labour: such outbursts are a precondition for the emergence of a new movement which will fight for the independent interests of the working class. They are the basis on which we must build anew. In the 1970s opposition to the reactionary 1974-79 Labour government took the form not just of movements in solidarity with the Irish liberation struggle, but of black working class campaigns against police racism, anti-deportation struggles, and anti-imperialist Asian youth movements. The spontaneity of the November anti-Labour protests must take on an organisational form to enable the movement to go forward, and FRFI is committed to supporting and enabling such a development. That is why FRFI says: don’t vote, organise! Join us today!