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Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! is the only left newspaper in Britain which reports regularly on the struggles of prisoners.  We send the paper free of charge to all prisoners who request it. Please help this work by funding a subscription for a prisoner. You can fund a subscription for a prisoner in Britain - with the button immediately below - or elsewhere in world - see the international section below.

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International prisoners' subscriptions

We also send subscriptions to prisoners all over the world. This includes Irish Republican prisoners, and many prisoners in US prisons, such as revolutionary black activist Mumia Abu-Jamal, and native American activist Leonard Peltier. Before their release, we sent FRFI to the Cuban 5 who were imprisoned in the US. On our recent brigade  to socialist Cuba we interviewed one of the 5, Fernando Gonzalez, who stressed the importance of political literature getting into the US prison system:

‘If I miss one thing [about prison] it is receiving your newspaper (Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!), every issue. It’s true! It was very interesting reading every time. Let me tell you something – it is a newspaper that is circulated around the whole prison; many people were interested in what the newspaper had to say'

Please support us to send FRFI around the world by taking out an overseas prisoners' subscription:

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