US intensifies microchip war with China

Circuitry showing label with Chinese characters

Over recent months, all sides of the US ruling class have come together in an organised attempt to frustrate the growing strength of China. A central part of this strategy is crippling China’s ability to manufacture and sell microchips. Crucial to this is isolating Taiwan from mainland China; Taiwan is the world leader for production of the most advanced chips, manufacturing 92% globally, and is the number one source of China’s Integrated Circuit (IC) imports. Such high-end chips are becoming increasingly integral to ensuring military and technological supremacy in the modern world; something US international strategy prioritises heavily to maintain its current position as the world’s greatest imperialist force.


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Capitalism rules in the ‘digital town square’

Twitter logo and Elon Musk

In October 2022, Elon Musk purchased the social media platform Twitter, shelling out $44bn (£38.1bn) to take over the company. Musk is the world’s richest person valued at $250bn. Immediately top executives and half of Twitter’s 7,400 employees were fired (along with thousands of contractors). Chief Executive Parag Agrawal was paid $38.7m for the privilege. Musk called an immediate end to remote working, stating workers must be in the office for a minimum of 40 hours a week.


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Israeli cyber-weapons CEO steps down

Pegasus spyware

On 21 August 2022 Shalev Hulio resigned from his role as Chief Executive Officer of the Israeli cybersecurity firm NSO Group. Notorious for its Pegasus spyware, NSO Group is regulated by the Israeli Ministry of Defence and consequently functions as a de-facto arm of the state, which allows such spyware to only be licensed for sale in a manner which fits with the regional interests of the Zionist state. These interests usually align with those of US imperialism, but sometimes they don’t, and Hulio’s resignation is the outcome of such a conflict in which US interests have won out.


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The capitalist stranglehold on bioscience

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! No. 124, April/May 1995

Biopiracy - the new way to plunder the third world that exceeds the dreams of El Dorado of the raiders of the past. Go to an exotic area; take whatever genetic resources you can lay your hands on – plants, animals, micro-organisms; breed them conventionally or using genetic engineering to produce new varieties or cell lines that you can reproduce ad infinitum; patent whatever you can; and sell the new seed strains, animal breeds or resulting products such as pharmaceuticals back to the plundered countries at a ransom. And, while you sit back and rake in the profits on your booty, sue anybody who tries to copy you for infringement of your 'intellectual property rights'. ZOE GREEN writes on this new form of imperialist plunder.


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GameStop gamblers: shining a light on Wall Street

Phone with Reddit logo in front of GameStop stock prices

The world of high finance is boring and complex at the same time. The result is that those of us who are not part of it are deterred from understanding and examining what is going on. We switch off when confronted with the technical terms and complex financial instruments we occasionally hear about when it leaks out into the mainstream media. They are opaque. Too difficult to understand and certainly off limits to any but the few professional practitioners who understand. If something is opaque you can’t see through it and that is what they want. But the financial sector is not separate from the real world and it affects our lives. For those of us lucky enough to have a pension they are playing with our money. In the financial crash of 2008, ordinary people lost their savings while the institutions were bailed out by the government. The next crash will be even larger and more destructive. The latest financial story, the short selling of shares in GameStop, has exposed the fragility of the financial sector within the capitalist system.


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